Relationships: The Key to Success

The key to success is having strong healthy positive relationships. What is a “positive relationship”? It is the correspondence between two variables (Trochim, 2006). In our case, the variables are individuals who surround us at work and home. Those variables are coworkers, supervisors, spouses, children, parents, siblings, friendships, and students. Let’s stop and think of those we most value. Why do those stand out? Perhaps because they mean something to us. They add value to our life. High or low value between the relationship is the concept that differentiates between positive and negative relationships (Trochim, 2006). Within the social emotional spectrum lies the awareness of our emotions and relationship skills. We can also define those relationships who we prefer not to interact with often. We must work on managing our emotions and making healthy choices in what we say and what we do for those brief moments that may seem eternal.  All of us deal with others on a daily basis but in the educational field, the most significant individuals are our students.

We all want successful, healthy friendships that we can turn to when we most need them. We definitely appreciate relationships with significant others to share our lives with. We want to connect with our own children and ensure they can come to us in challenging as well as celebratory times. We want to count on our parents to be good listeners and have them to lean on when times are tough. We want civil gatherings at family reunions. We want to be invited to gatherings and we know who we would and who we wouldn’t invite to our own. Why, because relationships are important. They are the essence of our survival. We may survive on an island with a face painted on a ball but then again, we wouldn’t know for how long.

So let’s evaluate our relationships with students.

Students also need someone to turn to, someone they can share their everyday life with, someone to connect to in good times and in bad. They want someone to listen and someone they can lean on. While some have stability, many do not. Even those of us that do have it, need more of it. Building positive relationships with students will enhance their emotional, physical, social, and mental state, hence creating successful well-rounded lives.

Challenge yourself to enhance a relationship today. Add value to someone’s life and in turn, they will add value to yours.


Connie Loya

Student Success Coordinator

School Leadership Operations


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