On National Teacher’s Day, I’d like to say ‘thank you’

EPISD is continuing Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations this week. Some schools celebrate the first week of May, while others celebrate this week. Either way, we can’t do enough to show teachers just how much they mean to us. So today, on National Teacher Day, I want to thank all of our 4,000 teachers and let them know that as the corner stone of our District, they are valued and appreciated.

Every day, principals, parents and administrators tell me stories about extraordinary work happening in our classrooms. I get to witness this when I visit schools and I have the privilege of stepping into a classroom. Teachers are leading the way in transforming EPISD into one of the premier school districts in the country.

From innovative teachers who find fun, impactful ways to reach students, to those educators who simply make a difference for being a big part of a kid’s life – our corps of teachers is second to none.

We have great examples of this throughout the District, too.

There’s Jill McGee at Mesita Elementary, who instills on her students the importance of learning in two languages and embracing the differences of students from different cultures. And we have Franklin High School’s Tom Davis, who makes it a point to come to most school board meetings and speak up on behalf of his students and fellow teachers.

Or there’s Pat Monroe at Burges High School, who for years has instilled in her journalism students the ethics and determination that it takes to turn a yearbook into a nationally recognized publication. And Saul Ramirez from Henderson Middle School, who turned his childhood passion for chess into a way of connecting with students in a way that is inspirational.

Of course, there are literally thousands of stories like these throughout our District and they all deserve recognition. Later this week, we will announce the winners of our Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year. These two individuals will represent EPISD and the 3,998 other teachers who work and thrive here.

And of course, they will represent the memory of Archie Duran, the Irvin High School teacher and coach who passed away last week as he was traveling back home from a track meet in Lubbock. His students and athletes spoke eloquently last week of the impact Coach Duran – and teachers everywhere in EPISD – have on their lives. It was a beautiful reminder that the work our teachers do matters.

So thank you EPISD teachers for being the foundation of the wonderful things happening in EPISD and El Paso. This community is sincerely grateful.

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