Academics restructure will help students and teachers

Hello EPISD Family,

We have exciting news to share! We are restructuring our Academics and Innovation teams to improve their support for our schools and students.


Simply, we are striving to assure we meet every core academic need, while also innovating to keep our schools at the forefront of 21st Century learning. We believe this reorganization will meet these goals and also provide greater focus and support.

Our district has many systems which require ongoing implementation and continuous improvement to assure effectiveness. An example of this is curriculum. C & I is responsible for ensuring all teachers have access to a viable curriculum which ensures alignment with state standards. Our C & I team conducts continuous reviews to ensure alignment as well as professional development for teachers on accessing and using the curriculum.

At the same time, EPISD is also engaged in the work of innovation, which involves researching, planning, piloting, and monitoring of new programs, initiatives, and resources.   An example of this is New Tech, a program which is in the early stages of implementation and requires support and guidance for new ways of teaching, grading, and collaborating.

In order to support both types of work, innovation and sustain current systems, Academics & Innovation has been divided into an Academics division and an Innovation division. Dr. Tamekia Brown will lead the Academic division as Interim Chief Academic Officer while we post the position, and Karen Blaine will lead the Innovation division as Chief Innovation Officer. This new structure will allow us to continue to innovate the student experience while ensuring that day to day operations are efficient and effective.

Additionally, Special Education Services, currently led by Interim Assistant Superintendent Anthony Tomasheski, and School Leadership Operations, currently led by Ray Lozano, will now be under Academics & Innovation. Special Education Services will report to Academics and School Leadership operations will report to Innovation. More details about the division of responsibilities is illustrated in the charts below.



Departments under each area have been shifted to align decision making and work flow. As an example, learning in two languages in an active learning environment is the district’s direction. As such, all leaders for connecting languages, curriculum, and active learning will report to the Executive Director of Academics. Similar decisions were made with other areas. The shifts in people and programs will result in the renaming of several departments so that the name reflects the scope of responsibilities. We hope this also will help ensure better support.

EPISD is a large organization, but it exists for only 1 purpose, to improve schools. Our goal is to ensure that our service to schools and students is fluid, makes sense, and fully maximizes all of our resources and that is our commitment to you!

Let us know if you have any questions. Please send your questions and comments to

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