Thank you, El Paso!

Thank you, El Paso, for this momentous and historic win for our community and the children of EPISD!

Last night, you took a bold step forward with us in trust and partnership in acknowledging that it’s time to leave the past behind and focus on our future.   This decision is a vote of confidence for the work that is being done in our classrooms by our teachers, devoted staff and Leadership — all with the common goal of improving the quality of education and quality of life in El Paso.

Because of your support, EPISD will continue the work of transforming our instructional platform and modernizing our learning environments to help students reach their potential.   Over the last three years, the work of rebuilding our schools has been our primary focus.   Now the work begins anew as we see this vision take shape in the form of new and improved schools.

We thank the El Paso community for embracing our vision. Thank you, to the Board of Trustees for taking this courageous step.  We are committed to continuing with transparency and community involvement. This has been a bedrock principle for this Board and Administration.

Now let’s get out there and get to work!

See you at the polls. Vote!

It’s difficult to believe that we have completed the first two months of school and the end of the calendar year is fast approaching.

The 2016-17 school year already has been monumental. El Paso High celebrated its 100th anniversary. More than 18,000 high school students took the PSAT and SAT as part of a district wide college-readiness initiative. Bowie High School dedicated its gymnasium to sports icon Nolan Richardson. And, finally, the Board of Trustees called for a historic bond referendum.

Yes, it’s already been a busy year. We have amazing teachers and District employees who day in and day out stay focused on our No. 1 goal: ensuring the academic success of students in EPISD. As I remind myself and staff often, we exist only for that one goal — to help students succeed.

We have visited with hundreds of people over the last several weeks and participated in nearly 200 meetings aimed at informing our community about the vision for the future at EPISD. I am grateful and humbled by the many who want to be part of the renaissance at EPISD.

Of course, we have also heard from some who have expressed concerns. We value and respect their opinions. We have worked diligently to build a transparent district. Transparency includes maintaining an open dialogue with our community and being willing to hear all sides. It’s when we all come together to be part of the solution that will truly move forward and prosper.

We are humbled by the support of our community and thankful that the work that is being done by our teachers and students is not going unnoticed.

Some of the groups who have recently supported our efforts are:

  • The El Paso American Federation of Teachers and the El Paso Teacher’s Association, two groups that together represent the bulk of the educators in EPISD.
  • The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, which represents the region’s business community.
  • The El Paso Firefighters Association Local 51, which represents hundreds of El Paso Fire Department employees and retirees.
  • The El Paso County Medical Society, an important group of healthcare professionals.
  • The Greater El Paso Association of Realtors, which represents real estate professionals in charge of attracting home and commercial buyers to our region.
  • The El Paso Times editorial board, the largest media company in the region.
  • Elected officials like Congressman Beto O’Rourke, State Sen. José Rodríguez, state Rep. Cesar Blanco and elected state Rep. Lina Ortega

I want to thank all of you for your hard work and commitment. Our community is taking notice of the transformation. You can be proud to wear the I AM EPISD badge. I know I am.

We urge the voters to learn more about the Bond and to head to the polls in an informed manner to cast a vote in this election. You can find more details about the Bond election on

See you at the polls!