Bilingualism is Brain Food!

I wanted to share this exciting news clip with our amazing “I am EPISD” staff and educators.  At EPISD we believe that bilingualism not only expands cognitive abilities, but is also an economic differentiator for all of our students, which helps them prepare to work in a global economy.

Additionally, dual language, when implemented in our two-way model, fulfills our goal of driving “Active Learning” across the district.  Two-way dual language not only helps our students learn from one other, but it also can teach them how to collaborate with their peers to meet their learning goals.

I know it has taken a tremendous amount of work by many of you to make this dream a reality.  And while we are not yet fully-implemented at every school, we are well on our way to building a Dual Language District!

Many thanks to our amazing school leaders and dual-language teachers for all their energy and efforts to create a Dual Language District.  Special thanks to our progressive trustees for believing and investing in our dual language programs. Most importantly, thanks to our community for supporting this initiative.

To watch this great story on the benefits of bilingualism, click the video below:


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