Relationships: The Key to Success

The key to success is having strong healthy positive relationships. What is a “positive relationship”? It is the correspondence between two variables (Trochim, 2006). In our case, the variables are individuals who surround us at work and home. Those variables are coworkers, supervisors, spouses, children, parents, siblings, friendships, and students. Let’s stop and think of those we most value. Why do those stand out? Perhaps because they mean something to us. They add value to our life. High or low value between the relationship is the concept that differentiates between positive and negative relationships (Trochim, 2006). Within the social emotional spectrum lies the awareness of our emotions and relationship skills. We can also define those relationships who we prefer not to interact with often. We must work on managing our emotions and making healthy choices in what we say and what we do for those brief moments that may seem eternal.  All of us deal with others on a daily basis but in the educational field, the most significant individuals are our students.

We all want successful, healthy friendships that we can turn to when we most need them. We definitely appreciate relationships with significant others to share our lives with. We want to connect with our own children and ensure they can come to us in challenging as well as celebratory times. We want to count on our parents to be good listeners and have them to lean on when times are tough. We want civil gatherings at family reunions. We want to be invited to gatherings and we know who we would and who we wouldn’t invite to our own. Why, because relationships are important. They are the essence of our survival. We may survive on an island with a face painted on a ball but then again, we wouldn’t know for how long.

So let’s evaluate our relationships with students.

Students also need someone to turn to, someone they can share their everyday life with, someone to connect to in good times and in bad. They want someone to listen and someone they can lean on. While some have stability, many do not. Even those of us that do have it, need more of it. Building positive relationships with students will enhance their emotional, physical, social, and mental state, hence creating successful well-rounded lives.

Challenge yourself to enhance a relationship today. Add value to someone’s life and in turn, they will add value to yours.


Connie Loya

Student Success Coordinator

School Leadership Operations


View: Rita Pierson – Relationships

Safety and security important to teaching and learning

Quality teaching and learning requires more than great teachers and eager students. We know that instruction is enhanced when students, teachers and parents know their schools are safe and secure.

Parents send us their very best every morning and as a District we make a vow each day to educate and look after the children of the community. That’s why it is a priority for EPISD to do what it can to create safe learning spaces.

This week the District had focused on informing the public about the proposed upgrades to safety and security the 2016 EPISD Bond election would fund if the voters decide so.

These upgrades include lighting upgrades at every EPISD school. This is the type of lighting that keep our parking lots illuminated and safe for our teachers who work past dusk and students whose extracurricular activities keep them on campus until late.

Every school also would get new motion sensors to trigger lights to go on when teachers and students walk the halls of the campus. Again, we feel appropriate lighting can help us bring another layer of safety to our schools.

The District had made a significant investment in installing the Raptor System in all of our schools. The Raptor system runs the identification cards off all visitors through different criminal databases so that campuses know just exactly who is trying to access the schools. But Raptor functions only if visitors to our schools are funneled through the front office. The Bond would fund the replacement of perimeter fencing at several schools.

I invite you to learn more about the safety and security aspects of the Bond by logging on to You can also watch the informational video below:

Bilingualism is Brain Food!

I wanted to share this exciting news clip with our amazing “I am EPISD” staff and educators.  At EPISD we believe that bilingualism not only expands cognitive abilities, but is also an economic differentiator for all of our students, which helps them prepare to work in a global economy.

Additionally, dual language, when implemented in our two-way model, fulfills our goal of driving “Active Learning” across the district.  Two-way dual language not only helps our students learn from one other, but it also can teach them how to collaborate with their peers to meet their learning goals.

I know it has taken a tremendous amount of work by many of you to make this dream a reality.  And while we are not yet fully-implemented at every school, we are well on our way to building a Dual Language District!

Many thanks to our amazing school leaders and dual-language teachers for all their energy and efforts to create a Dual Language District.  Special thanks to our progressive trustees for believing and investing in our dual language programs. Most importantly, thanks to our community for supporting this initiative.

To watch this great story on the benefits of bilingualism, click the video below: