Former Board Manager returns to EPISD


It’s such a pleasure to return to the El Paso Independent School District and serve the children of our community once again. Serving as one of the five members of the Board of Managers that was appointed by the state to move the District forward was a challenging but rewarding experience. And now, as the newly-appointed Deputy Superintendent for Finance and Operations, I am ready to continue working on behalf of the students, employees and taxpayers of EPISD.

Things have changed since I first was appointed to the Board of Managers three years ago. My colleagues and I came in with a strong group of community leaders to help rebuild and restructure the administration, which at that moment had been plagued by uncertainty. I was happy to bring to the district my expertise in public finance, school budgeting and financial management.

And while my time as a Board Manager had been my most high-profile position with EPISD, my journey with the District started many years before that. I first joined EPISD as the Budget Director in 1997 and later become Executive Director of Finance, Budget and Accounting until 1999. I continued my career in school finance when I become the Associate Superintendent for Finance at the Gadsden Independent School District, and then moved on to the City of El Paso where I was the Chief Financial Officer for several years.

A little more than a year ago, I left the city to take a financial management job in the private sector.

I am excited to return to EPISD and to public service. In this new role, I will not only oversee the District’s financial side of the house but also the operational one. EPISD Operations includes the facilities, maintenance and transportation. We will continue to streamline our systems and operations in order to be fiscally responsible and equitable. Ultimately, the more efficient and strategic we become, the more we will be able to invest in our academic programming, teachers, staff, and our most important resource — our students.

The District has experienced tremendous transformation under the leadership of Superintendent Juan Cabrera, and I am excited to be part of his administration.

—Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria, Deputy Superintendent for Finance and Operations.



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