Documentary shows the power of active-learning education


For several weeks now, we have shown high-school students throughout EPISD the trailer to a documentary about the power of public education.  In a little under three minutes, the trailer tries to tell the story of a school in California that has adopted a different approach to learning — one that gives students the freedom to learn in different ways and teachers the opportunity to be innovative.

“Most Likely To Succeed” didn’t play in any large multiplex theater. It didn’t earn any Oscar nominations.  You probably have never even heard of it. But the movie is powerful — a must see for students, educators, parents and those individuals who feel schools can be so much more than just four walls with a chalkboard and desks.

The movie will take you through the innovative approach a school in San Diego took to systematically shake the way the vast majority of public schools operate.  That old system was established in the 1800s and doesn’t suit the needs of our students anymore.  Watching this film has left audiences not just hopeful for the future of education, but also empowered to do something about the state of their own public schools.

I invite you to come experience “Most Likely To Succeed” during a special screening of the film being held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23, at the El Paso High School auditorium.  Tickets are $5 at the door, and proceeds will benefit the EPISD Education Foundation that helps give students scholarships and teachers classroom grants.

To learn more about the event follow this link. Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Documentary shows the power of active-learning education

  1. I have not seen the documentary, but I did watch an interview with the director and one of the producers, and I have to say that it is extremely encouraging that our district leadership is open to this kind of innovation. For the past five years, I have been pushing for this kind of approach to education, but the resistance from district leadership has been very frustrating.

    The last time I attended a Learning Forward conference, I told the group I was with that a campus registration should look like the vendor’s expo. Teachers should present what and how they intend to teach the students at the beginning of the year and then display the product at the end of the year in a similar expo. Additionally, I argued that our most important feedback should be from parents and business professionals, not other educators, and this type of expo would be conducive to such feedback. EVERYONE scoffed and said I was dreaming, but if you analyze what “Most Likely to Succeed” is telling us, it seems I’m not alone in my educational philosophy.

    It’s almost hard to imagine the joy it would bring to come up with my own curriculum and then prove its value at the end of the year. Scope and sequence be gone! Let’s start giving these kids the education that they ACTUALLY NEED! 🙂

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