EPISD is busy with school, Penny Swap activity this summer

The summer may be a time for relaxation for our students, but here at EPISD the hottest months bring with them lots of activity.

Many of our teachers are taking time from their well-deserved break to attend training and workshops that will help them better serve their students in the fast-approaching 2015-16 school year.  Hourly workers like custodians and cafeteria workers are sprucing up every campus and even providing summertime breakfast and lunch to thousands of kids who otherwise would not receive a healthful meal all summer long.  And central office administrators are working diligently to make sure the campuses receive all the support they need to kick off the upcoming school year ready to tackle all challenges.

But that’s not all.  Many in the District are in the middle of a very important job this summer.   That job is providing factual information about the upcoming Penny Swap Election that will go out to the voters on Saturday, Aug. 22 (early voting is Aug. 5-18).  They are developing presentations, setting up informational meetings and facilitating dialogue between the District and parents, media and taxpayers.

It’s important that the voters make an informed decision, and EPISD is committed to presenting the facts so that parents and taxpayers get all the information they need before heading to the polls.

The campaign will focus on facts and will comply with the Texas Election Code.  Our goal is to provide as much factual information about the Penny Swap as possible to as many people as possible. Already we have begun giving presentations to several important groups, and we have received enlightening questions and reassuring comments about the importance of the work our employees do on behalf of the children of El Paso.

We are looking for more groups that wish to hear from us in regard to the EPISD Penny Swap Election.  If your neighborhood association, civic club, professional association or community meeting wants to receive the Penny Swap presentation, please let us know and we will schedule it.  To contact us please call the Office of Community Engagement at 230-2563 or email greveles@episd.org.

The District has also set up four community meetings to share facts and figures about the Penny Swap with the public.  Everyone is invited to attend any of the meetings listed below.  Please note that all meetings start at 5:30 p.m.:

  • Tuesday, July 28, at Wiggs Middle School, 1300 Circle Dr.
  • Monday, Aug. 3, at MacArthur Intermediate School, 8101 Whitus Dr.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 4, at Canyon Hills Middle School, 8930 Eclipse St.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 5, at Lincoln Middle School, 500 Mulberry Ave.

And if you want more information about the Penny Swap on your own, check out our webpage at http://www.episd.org/community/tre_2015.php