Navy Rear Admiral Visits El Paso High

El Paso High School served as the background of a homecoming of sorts right before the district started its spring break, and I was lucky enough to be present for it.   U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Samuel Perez, a native of our wonderful city, conducted an Executive Engagement Visit to the region on March 4-6 and El Paso High was happy to host one of his stops.  
These Executive Engagement Visits are an effort from the U.S. Navy to reach out to the community and answer any questions they may have about serving our country.
ADM Perez met with several students to talk about careers in the military and how the Navy is making a difference in not just defending our country but moving it forward. He stressed to the students that in order to succeed, they needed to have ganas. He even joked that ganas is such a strong word in Spanish that it takes three words in English to describe it: Drive, Determination and Desire.  
On top of this visit, ADM Perez and I had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one to discuss science, technology, engineering and math in the Navy, as well as other topics that could help the District create a greater understanding of the Navy among youth of El Paso.

I truly appreciate the candor of the conversation ADM Perez and I had, and I am grateful that the Navy has established these visits to help us find even more ways to mutually benefit from one another. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.31.11 PM

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