Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan is one of the most exhaustive and far-reaching endeavors the El Paso Independent School District has ever taken.  For months, employees, community volunteers and trained professionals have studied virtually every corner of the District to examine what role each facility will play in the future of EPISD.  The District believes that every student deserves a quality school, and the Facilities Master Plan will help us reach that goal, in spite of unprecedented budgetary shortfalls due to enrollment decreases.

In each step of this process, we have kept transparency and our community’s right to know as a top priority.  In fact, we are proud that every action taken so far in regard to this master plan is the direct result of the community meetings EPISD organized throughout the District.

The Board of Managers will make final decisions soon. The Board of Trustees will then begin the process of implementation, which will not happen overnight. Please know that every decision has been made with the best interest of our students and community.

We understand many questions have come up regarding the Facilities Master Plan given its wide breadth.  The District has grouped these frequently asked questions to help our community better understand our efforts.

Thank you.

You may view the FAQ’s on the Facilities Master Plan here and the timeline here

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