EPISD names longtime employee Mary Ann Clark new Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability

Superintendent Juan Cabrera on Friday promoted Clark to the position effective immediately.

Clark is currently the executive director of core content and has held numerous positions at EPISD since 1985.

“I am so proud of the work that Ms. Clark has done for the District,” Cabrera said. “She truly is an example of the great people at EPISD who are advocating for the education of our students. She will continue to be an asset as we move forward.”

Clark is known for her work in Gifted and Talented curriculum not only in El Paso, but also across the state.

“She is a respected educator who continues to grow and expand her knowledge base,” Deputy Superintendent Ivonne Durant said. “She is well known for her progressive educational philosophy. Ms. Clark has displayed 29 years of leadership in EPISD.”

Ask the Superintendent: We apologize for unanswered questions

It has recently come to my attention that we have been lapse in responding to questions submitted through the Ask the Superintendent portal at episd.org.

We have a team of people in place to help me sort and answer questions. In recent months, we have gone through a reorganization of departments and staffing. In doing so, many of the people assigned to help answer questions have either retired or changed job functions. As a result, some questions were neglected.

We have addressed the matter and have implemented tracking systems to make sure we are responding in a timely manner.

Your input is very valuable to us and I want you to know that we don’t take your concerns lightly. Again, please accept my sincerest apology. We are working diligently every day to improve our district and do better by our community.

Juan E. Cabrera

I am proud to be a part of Team EPISD

The school year is well under way and all the reports we have received point to a successful opening across the district. This could not happen without each of you doing your part to contribute to our success. In addition to welcoming all our students and families, this year we are managing open enrollment, online registration, dual language and we also have a lot of new faces across the district. We are off and running and on our way to a successful year.  I am proud to be a part of Team EPISD.
We’ve talked a lot over the past few weeks about our strategic priorities. These priorities are providing the framework for everything we will do, not only this year but also long term. We will build on these priorities to continue to craft a plan for our future. I am committed — and I hope all of you are as well — to working as a team to make EPISD the district of choice.  We will work together to build a better and brighter future and to find solutions to the challenges that we face.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I firmly believe that we are building teams across the district that can make a difference and take us to new heights. Over the next five years, I am committed to making EPISD the best it can be and forging a stronger future for our community. We are leaving the past behind and working to improve our schools with our teachers, administration and staff.

The road to success often comes with unexpected challenges and even naysayers. These are the people who question our motives and intentions and try to slow us down or take us off track. I can’t change or stop that. All I can do is commit to you that I will work day and night to make sure we hire and promote only the best and brightest to help us reach our goals.  We are dedicated to finding compassionate, ethical, and intelligent leaders across the district to continue to spread our positive attitude and vision. Change in an organization with over 9,000 employees will not happen overnight, but we will not be deterred.
First and foremost, I believe that this is a people business and to succeed on our team you will need to treat people right. We are here to serve and care for students, but we also care for our employees and I want to reiterate that all of us have a right to fair and equitable treatment.  We support and want to reinforce that right and I will make sure our leadership team works to support our employees across the district.
I am very excited about this new year and the future. I wish each of you all the best in your professional and personal lives and I look forward to working with you to make EPISD the best it can be.

Many exciting programs and projects coming your way in 2014-15

I hope you’ve all had a great first few weeks back at school. We’ve been anxiously awaiting your return and diligently preparing for the year ahead.

There are many initiatives planned for our District and campuses that will inspire learning and innovation.

Enrollment at our schools is promising and feedback has been positive. We are proud to begin district wide Dual Language for pre-K and kindergarten.   We know that this way of learning will better prepare our students for their futures and promote global citizenship.

The curriculum audit is nearly completed. Reviewing and implementing the recommendations will take priority this year as we use the information to reshape and update instructional programs and improve curriculum.


Soon, we will rollout our digital textbooks. In just a few weeks, science teachers at Chapin High School will incorporate the texts into instruction. By next semester, all Chapin science students will replace paper books with digital texts. This has been made possible with the collaboration of the CK-12 Foundation. You’ll hear more about them in the near future.  This is 21st Century Learning at its best.


I look forward to sharing more throughout the year. We are well on our way to making EPISD the District of choice!