Welcome back! We are ready for this school year.

We are definitely ready!

I hope everyone is rested and ready for the exciting challenges and opportunities that are in store for us.

Together, we will recreate our district and build a learning organization where we nurture and support each other as peers and colleagues so that we can better support our students and their families.

It was great to have the opportunity to get together at convocation last week and hear Dr. John Draper’s inspiring message about all the positives in public education.  He inspired me and I hope he inspired all of you and also reminded you how important you are and that you make a difference for our kids and our community.  Schools are important community resources but they only work if we have caring, nurturing and innovative educators at every campus. This is why we started “I am EPISD” – so that we are all reminded about our responsibility and our importance to the greater mission.  We will not be a great team unless each of us reaches and exceeds our potential each and every day.

It’s difficult to quantify a cultural shift or a movement towards a more positive attitude, but over the last few weeks (as I have visited with many of you) I feel change and a lot of positive energy in the air. We are heading in the right direction!

Our common vision is to get better every day to meet the changing needs of our community.  I am EPISD and, together, we are EPISD.

 We will be stronger and better working together. Let’s make it a great year!

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